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How to improve your English skills – Enroll and join the “KMK” team!

Hey guys,

today I want to tell you something about a cool project at our vocational school “Johanna Just”. It’s called “KMK course”.

So if you are a student at this school in the social department to become a social assistant or a nursery nurse you get the chance to improve your English skills in a weekly course. It is a small group of learners, it is on a voluntary basis and it’s for free!

At the end of this course, you can take part in an exam, which is divided into a writing-, a reading-, a production-, a mediation task and an oral part. But you don’t have to do the exams. It’s your own choice.

If you decide to do the exams, you can get a certificate, which could be helpful in the future.

And one of the great advantages is that you don’t get any marks in the course.

So don’t be shy, enroll and enjoy the cozy and intercultural atmosphere.

Michaela SAS 20-2

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